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Woking Borough Council Breakfast Forum

Room: Kemp Room


This is Woking Borough Council's annual breakfast forum that runs immediately prior to the show opening.

Each year the event is over subscribed and booking is essential.

Further details will follow.

Stop Pitching and Start Selling

Room: Kemp Room


So many of us meet potential new customers and think that all we have to do is ‘pitch’ them our product. Pitching is not selling. If you really want to understand how to get customers to buy, Antonio will give you the key points that you need to know, so as to make the sale not just ‘pitch’ your product. Antonio has said and written many time, Selling is both an art & a science that takes skill, knowledge and practice. Learn from a recognised specialist on how to make the sale and pitch.

Antonio will also be launching his new book at Woking Means Business – ‘Stop Pitching & Start Selling’

seminar_2_Antonio_Falco_pic.jpeg Business is about 3 key elements: Products, People and Numbers. As an experienced business consultant specialising in sales and business development, the past 17 years has involved working with many small, medium and corporate businesses helping them to get to grips with these 3 key elements. I offer relevant answers to business problems with effective solutions to get businesses back on track. My approach is intuitive, giving me an immediate and accurate understanding of the problems and the solutions, backed up by knowledge and experience built up over the past 25 years.

Assistance can be provided by different routes and styles, these being: Coaching, consultancy, sales director, non-executive director.

Antonio is the Regional Chairman for Surrey & West Sussex and a board director of - The Federation of Small Businesses, the UK's largest campaigning pressure group promoting and protecting the interests of smaller firms with 200,000 members.

A non-executive director of Surrey Connects Ltd, a business-led enterprise partnership acting as the catalyst, facilitator and leader for Smart Economic Growth for Surrey.

Main Board Member of Young Enterprise, Surrey. Focused on developing business skills at school and college level.

Communications that Inspire Actions

Room: Kemp Room


How to do your own PR - in just a few hours a month

Would you like to be featured in newspaper articles, on the radio and on TV but don’t know where to start? Have you ever sent out a press release – only for it to be ignored by journalists?

If you want to get free editorial coverage in magazines, newspapers, on radio and on TV then you have to have a story that will interest the journalist, and that means finding a newsworthy or “sexy” angle to what you do.

This is often completely different from your USP and is not about what your customers like about you. It’s all about what a journalist will find interesting.

This interactive session shows you;

  • How to develop a “sexy” angle that will attract the journalist
  • How to write a press release that works
  • What to do with your press release – to ensure it gets noticed

PLUS! Chantal will show you how to do it all – in just a few hours a month This talk is 20 minutes and is highly interactive so you will go home with plenty of ideas directly relevant to them.

seminar_3_Chantal_Pic.jpg Chantal is an award winning journalist and broadcaster with over 20 years experience working for the BBC and independent radio stations in the UK and abroad. She is also Co-Founder of Passion for the Planet radio and boutique PR agency Panpathic Communications.

Chantal has written for national newspapers and magazines, appeared on countless radio shows, been featured in business books (and a novel) and is regularly asked to present business videos.

Her media training clients include The RSPB, BT, IBM, Fujitsu Siemans, Canterbury Cathedral, The Carbon Coach etc.

Chantal regularly presents a series of training courses called “PR Demystified” to show you how to use the media to build your business. She also works directly with clients to help them get their message into the media.

Chantal is also author of “PR Demystified – how to get free publicity by giving journalists what they really need” published as part of the Books Mean Business series.

Clicks to Clients

Room: Kemp Room

Clicks to Clients

Room: Kemp Room


Clicks To Clients: The Simple, Elegant Way To Getting More Clients Online Without Getting Frustrated With The Digital Tech

You're Going To Be Shown ...

* The easy & simple system to turning your website visitors into clients without having to do any icky selling
* The 2 biggest mistakes that most websites are making right now and what you can do to fix this
*  How to make your marketing really simple by having a system that works for you on autopilot
* How to avoid doing the marketing that you hate so you can finally enjoy the process of client attraction
* And get a copy of The Click Marketing Blueprint that will have you putting an end to cold calling for ever

seminar_4_Karen_Skidmore_-_pic.jpeg Karen Skidmore is a marketing catalyst with the unique ability of being able to look under the hood of digital marketing tools and put them into a system to help small business owners make the whole process of bringing clients in, simple, easy and elegant

Failing your way to Success

Room: Kemp Room

Failing your way to Success

Room: Kemp Room


In this fun-packed, less than conventional talk Stuart takes you through a whistle-stop tour of his adventures and will show you how his low points have actually driven his many successes, with some of his biggest insights coming from his darkest days and he will give you a fresh perspective on how you can benefit from your own failures.

"You keep making the same mistakes until you learn the lesson yourself. I've made a lot of mistakes but luckily for me I am a faster learner!" quipped Stuart.

Part motivational talk, part business advice, part stand-up you're sure to leave this session feeling a whole lot better about your own business blunders and will better equipped to see them as the learning opportunities they are.

seminar_5_Stuart-Morrison-pic.jpg Since leaving full time employment 20 years ago Stuart has carved a less than straight path to his most recent success, Mister Metric. During this time in business he grew a big moustache, nurtured a collection of loud suits and the love of a bowler hat but that's not all, he's also:

  • Had his designs included in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert museum.
  • Sold in excess of 1 Million stock units of giftware and novelties with his designs on them.
  • Been arrested (for his own safety) after being chased and mobbed whilst doing a photo shoot in London.
  • "Blagged" his way onto the UK's biggest daytime TV show.
  • Become the UK's highest paid lookalike, touring the UK , Europe and beyond often performing in a dress!
  • Been paid to stand still and look like a dummy for Madame Tussaud's

During his time gathering this wide and diverse set of business experiences he's also perfected the art of building and marketing websites for all his businesses and even beat to the top of Google and sold his own house online. This wide-ranging set of unique experiences gives him a diverse skill-set that have helped drive and grow all his entrepreneurial endeavours and now help his customers to succeed.

A Man's Guide on How to Dress for Business

Room: Kemp Room


‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’

  • Wardrobe essentials – everything you will need
  • Outfit Coordination – suit, shirt, tie
  • The perfect fit – slim, modern, classic
  • Power dressing – then and now
  • Personal grooming – hair, beard skin care, shoe care

  • seminar_6_Simon_James_logo.jpg 25 years experience in formal menswear
  • Worked in the luxury sector for 10 years
  • Bond Street – Canali and Loro Paiana
  • Worked closely with top London stylist Melissa Lund
  • Sales manager - Harrods