Exhibitor Support

Make your presence at Woking Means Business even more of a success.

The key to a successful exhibition is knowing how to attract visitors.

As organisers, we always encourage our exhibitors to invite their own contacts using email, leaflets, posters, social media and any other means at their disposal to complement our own substantial promotional campaign and improve the overall footfall. This year, we will be working with Becky Ladley of Social Quirk who will be undertaking a social media campaign for us. We urge you to liaise with Becky so that everyone involved with the show uses social media to really get the message across.

Together we can make Woking Means Business a huge success

Here are my TOP TIPS for exhibiting Success... please read and take note. There are many ideas and tips that will help you make the exhibition more successful for you - from planning the stand, manning the stand to following up after the show.

Download the Top Tips Here



Please make sure you read this through as it provides you with all the information you need regarding the showguide, things you need to do before the show, the build up and the day itself.

Download it here

Extra Electrics Order Form

If you require additional lighting (over and above the 5 fluorescent provided) or electrical sockets Please download the electrical order form.
Download it here

Furniture Order Form

Photographs of some of the most popular furniture items available for hire can be downloaded here. The full catalogue can be viewed online at www.conceptfurniture.co.uk/wmb.htm.

An order form from Concept Furniture can also be downloaded here.

Please note: only basic banqueting chairs will be available free at the venue

Shell Scheme Extras Order Form

To see a diagram of the shell scheme with dimensions or if you require additional walls, shelving, accessories to the basic shell scheme please download the Shell Sheme Extras Form
Download it here

Shell Scheme Photograph

The photo below shows a real example of the shell sceme. scheme

Shell Scheme